Threatened Preterm Birth Care

Improving Survival for Preterm Infants

Threatened Preterm Birth Care (TPTB)

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Threatened Preterm Birth Care (HMS TPTBC)

Threatened Preterm Birth Care is part of the Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Survive suite of training modules.  It is a two-day course designed for teams of health workers who provide care for women and newborns.  The content is based on the 2015 WHO recommendations on interventions to improve preterm birth outcomes and focuses on identifying women likely to deliver a preterm baby within 7 days and the actions that can be taken prior to birth to improve survival. It is designed to be used at higher level facilities where trained staff and supplies are available to:

  • Accurately estimate gestational age (GA)
  • Accurately diagnose conditions leading to preterm birth
  • Provide advanced care for preterm newborns, including resuscitation, thermal care, feeding support, infection treatment, and safe oxygen use
  • Reliably identify and treat maternal infections

Module Overview

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The materials include an Action Plan, Flip Chart, Providers Guide, GA Job Aid, Medication Chart, GA wheel, as well as sample training agenda and knowledge check.  You can download the full package of Helping Mothers Survive Threatened Preterm Birth Care training materials at no cost below.

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