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Sudan has a maternal mortality rate of 331. In 2015, the Sudanese American Medical Association launched the Post-partum hemorrhage Project to provide continuous medical education, and maintain advanced midwifery training programs to prevent and treat PPH. In March of 2016, Faiza Maki Abdalla Karkoon, a midwife from Al-Rufaa Hospital participated in a Helping Mothers Survive course led by Jhpiego trainers from Tanzania and Uganda under the SAMA-led PPH Project. Helping Mothers Survive is a new approach to learning that employs best-practices for training techniques including: clinical simulation, case-based learning, and frequent skills-based reinforcement sessions on the jobsite.  A large part of the HMS approach is repeated practice after the initial training dose. Faiza was chosen by her supervisor to act as the clinical mentor for the hospital. As a Clinical Mentor, she has been organizing repeated practice sessions on key-life saving skills related to PPH management with her team at Al-Ruffa Hospital.

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  1. Bruce Bjelland 2 months ago

    I am curious what benefit and the potential lives saved of the 331 Mothers would be if your physicians were to have a donated Autotransfusion (Autologous blood recycling device) device along with the necessary blood kits, and technical training on blood salvage for physicians, RN, or technicians? My friend and medical device coworker Evan and I have created a novel program for carefully selecting correctly matched hospitals, then bringing an Autotransfusion device paired with teaching Autotransfusion in underfunded hospitals. We brought our first device and training program to Honduras in 2017 and will be doing our second trip to Peru June 2018 where we will be bringing 3 devices and our training program. The first week in Honduras our Autotransfusion device and operator was credited with saving a Mother’s life when there was no available blood to give to her as she continued to hemorrhage. Please discuss and let us know if you would like to connect us to the correct person to have a discussion on whether this would be an effective program and approach at a specific hospital in the Sudan. If there is a birthing hospital that would be a good match for receiving an Autotransfusion device and a training program as an additional method to assist in decreasing maternal Post-partum hemorrhage related deaths. We realize not all hospitals are ready to implement or have the staffing resources to have an Autotransfusion device and program. But I wanted to at the very least let you know about our program. Thanks for reading my comment!

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